Memo to Writers: “Show Your Confidence!”

Oct 13, 2011 by

Some great advice from the agents at Book Ends Literary, posted today on their blog:

…I’ve been noticing a real lack of confidence in emails to agents, or at least what I’m chalking up to lack of confidence. Authors aren’t using the best word choices when querying, following up on queries, or getting in touch to tell of an offer. The words used are often coming across as either too weak or too strong, almost combative….


Think of it this way. How would you feel if you contacted an agent to tell her of an offer of representation and her response is something along the lines of, “Okay, I suppose you can send it to me.” Why bother? Do you really want to send it after that? Remember, you have a product agents want. They are looking for new and talented authors, so present yourself that way.

Via Book Ends Lit Agency

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