Quickfire NaNoWriMo Tips

Oct 28, 2011 by

Are you new to NaNoWriMo? Catch up on our previous NaNo posts here and here, and check out the official website to learn more about the event!

These quickfire tips will give you a head start on the writing marathon. Grab your writing utensil of choice and GO!

Via the JCC

Figure out whether you’re a plotter or a pantser.

Do you need to plot out the story beforehand or fly by the seat of your pants (hence, pantser)? Or are you only half-pantsed (like yours truly)? Your answer will define the amount of preparation you have to do.


Find one interesting character and one conflict as soon as possible.

These are the most basic makings of a story. If there’s no conflict or your MC is a drag to write, it’s going to be mighty hard to keep going.


Make something happen in every scene.

Every time I try to write a scene where nothing is happening–i.e., there’s no conflict, complication, or chance of growth for the protagonist–I get stuck. Painfully stuck. When you feel yourself slowing down in a mire of ramblings about the color of the sky, toss in a stampede of flaming yaks or have a pen explode all over your protagonist’s white pantsuit. Problems keeps things interesting for the long haul.


 Plan for 2-3 hours of writing time every day.

That’s enough time to write over the daily required 1,666 words AND make a copious number of trips to the fridge.


You can neglect the laundry, but not your health.

Most of the so-called “writing lifestyle” is bohemian BS. The least you can do for yourself is get rest and eat well. And stay away from drugs, kids!


What are your essential NaNoWriMo tips?